Don’t believe that you will only find big graylings in wild places… Graylings love to feed on the gutter of the city, and that’s the kind of spot I fished today. 

We started with my friend Yannick by using a light Czech nymphing set up, with a T1 nymph on the point and a PT1  pheasant tail nymph on the dropper.

However, while fishing, I realised that my nymph wasn’t drifting deep enough. So I had to change my set up to fish more confortably, and to replace the T1 nymph by a T2 nymph..

This was a good choice, because a few drifts after this change, I hooked a nice grayling.

My friend Yannick fished on the dry, you can have a look at this video to see a tricky grayling rising.

See you soon for another article, and always remember : trouts and graylings spend 90% of their time feeding underwater !