Tungsten ceramic fly T3


Heavy ceramic nymph are extra solid, heavy, realistic and compact nymph designed to practice Czech nymphing.

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Description of the T flies collection :

The T flies are heavy ceramic flies weighted with tungsten beads ( 98% of tungsten ). The T flies are designed to practice only Czech nymphing ( as a point nymph ) in addition to other flies as dropper flies.

Place of the T3 fly in the ceramic flies collection :

If you want to understand my vision of nymphing and if you want to know how to nymph fish with each of the 24 patterns of the ceramic flies collection, I advise you to read the case studies page.

If you want to catch more fish with nymphing always keep thIS two motto in mind : « Think out of the fly box ».

Like you, I am a passionate angler, and I love to analyse any kind of river in order to build a nymphing strategy to catch more fish. I have been travelling all around the world to design and improve the 24 patterns of the ceramic flies collection.

To tell you the truth, I really think that flies are only 30% of the key of success in fly fishing (sorry to break your dreams...).

That’s why I try to explain to you my very own vision of nymphing on my blog.

You don’t need thousand patterns to take fish all over the world : always remember that the diet of trouts and graylings is made of 90% of caddis and mayflies. This is exactly the two bugs that the ceramic flies collection imitates.

You just need the good colors and the good weight of ceramic flies to catch fish all around the world.

If you choose the good nymphing method and if you perform natural drifts, you will catch fish with the ceramic flies everywhere around the world.

All the ceramic flies sold on this website are tied by my hands and they are also my own fishing flies.

I truly believe that a fly will take fish only If it was tied by an angler who knows how to fish.

Tying flies is a job that requires a strong knowledge about insects and fish biology to design the best patterns and to know the right proportions, weight and color of a balanced pattern.

If you are still having doubts about the efficiency of the ceramic flies, you can have a look at the happy customers gallery by clicking here.

If you wonder if the ceramic flies will take fish in your country, the answer is yes. I ship the ceramic flies worlwide, you can read this page if you want to know when your order will arrive in your country.

If you have any question about the ceramic flies, or about nymphing strategies, please feel free to send me a message by clicking here, I will answer you as soon as possible.

And of course, if you want to come in France to fish, feel free to ask me fishing spots, I will be delighted to help you to catch French trouts and graylings.


Stan ( do not hesitate to contact me )

Hook brand HENDS - Czech quality hooks
Hook size Barbless hook size n°12
Body composition 1.2 mm lead wire and tungsten bead.
Dubbing Spectra dubbing
Ballasting type 98% tungsten bead.
Fly total weight 0.9 g. This weight is equivalent to the weight of a 5 mm ( 98% tungsten ).
Bead color Copper.
Body color Caddis yellow
Coating Thick Bug Bond UV cure layer deeply polymerized and shock resistant.
Nymphing methods to use with this nymph Only Czech nymphing ( this nymph is too heavy to be whipped ).